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Vote to Re-Elect Barbara Wojnicki - Your Republican Candidate for Kane County Board

Dedicated Service. Local Experience.

I am a 30-year resident of Campton Township and have served my community for 20 years as your Kane County Board Representative.

For me, representing my constitutents is public service. And I am grateful to have served in so many ways:




Most Recent Issues Affecting Residents in County Board District 15:

The most recent challenge in District #15 is the proposed Maxxam Partners Drug & Alcohol Rehab facility. As your County Board representative, I oppose this facility.

The developer, Maxxam Partners, is proposing that this Drug & Alcohol Rehab facility be located in the former Glenwood School for Boys, on Silver Glen Road, in unincorporated Kane County, in the heart of our community.

In a period of over two years, 22 hearings before the Kane County Zoning Board of Appeals were held to determine if this proposed facility met all the legal "Findings of Fact" (which it failed in the first finding, where it was found "Injurious to the Public Health, Safety and Welfare").

My opponent chose to attend only ONE of these Maxxam hearings.

I was present at all 22 hearings with our neighbors and community, listening to hours of testimony from Maxxam Partners and from our area's residents. I also attended multiple homeowner meetings to update the public on this petition issue, to share information, and to answer questions regarding the proposed facility. In light of the facts surrounding the proposal, I oppose the facility.

Maxxam Partners has threatened to hit Kane County with a $68 million lawsuit and currently this case is in both the Federal Court sysem and State Court system. I continue to oppose this facility as wrong for our community and wrong for our residents.

Caring for Our Community

I am passionate about our community's needs and environment. When I served as Vice-Chairman of the Kane County Public Health Committee, I helped oversee County programs providing free immunizations for children and flu shots for at-risk groups like the young and elderly. Our work also included sponsoring programs for young mothers who are unmarried (Kane Kares). Public Health also ensures a safe public water supply. I continually followed up to ensure Kane County social services for the needy were met. My work on the Kane County Public Aid Committee helped ensure that those in genuine need receive necessary help and assistance. And having served as Chairman of the Kane County Energy and Environment Committee, I continue to work to promote Green initiatives and maximize the efficient use of our valuable resources.

Grants for Our Community

I have secured/brought over $700,000 worth of grants to our community, as well as $175,000 for Fox Valley Special Recreation. This includes securing the $60,000 Riverboat Fund Grant for foundation repairs to Campton Township's historic Town Hall. Most recently, I obtained the grant to move the historic one-room Whitney Schoolhouse to Gray Willows Farm.

Protecting Open Space

I believe in the preservation of our area's rural character. I continue to work to protect farmland from development, conserving our pastoral heritage for future generations. As part of Kane County's Farmland Protection Program, 120 acres of precious farmland in District #15 have been preserved for generations to come. Over 5,000 acres of farmland have been protected in Kane County as part of this unique program. As a member of the Kane County Forest Preserve Executive Committee and the Kane County Forest Preserve Planning and Utilization Committee, I have helped preserve the rural and historic character of over 400 acres of open space at Corron Farm through a special partnership with Campton Township. In fact, approximately 10,000 acres of open space have been added to the Kane County Forest Preserve during my tenure. I have also served as Chairman of the Kane County Farmland Preservation Committee.

Public Servant

I understand the needs of my community and have worked for the residents of my district ceaselessly for 20 years, working for preservation and responsible government. I am proud to be your Open Space conservationist, community activist, public servant and County liason for water/drainage issues, and all other issues that affect YOU and your area.

I humbly ask you to help me continue this legacy of unwavering service into a new decade as we face the challenges of a changing economy, the need for renewed fiscal responsibility, and the need for openness and transparency in County Government.

I hope you'll join me in the work we have ahead of us. There is still so much more to do.

- Barbara Wojnicki,
  Kane County Board
  District 15



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